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Welcome to the shiny, new 94th Radio Shack website.

The aim is to create a communal hub that anybody can get involved in, provide information on events such as field days, nets, local clubs, reference information for local repeaters and so on. All the while taking an impartial and non-aligned, non-political stance. With your assistance, we hope this can be achieved.

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If there is something you would like to see here, please let us know. We also welcome blog posts about your latest adventures in radio, be they DXpeditions, antenna construction, the latest digital modes, or whatever else you would like to share with the group.

73 and Good DX

Nets: June 2019

Nets for June 2019:

11/6 GB3EA 20.00hrs

13/6. Phoenix dmr tg840/dmr+4440 20.00hrs

14/6 160m (top band) 1.895lsb+- 20.00hrs

17/6 70mHz 70.450fm 20.00hrs

18/6 GB3EZ 20.00hrs

20/6. Phoenix dmr tg840/dmr+ 4440 20.00hrs

21/6 160m Top Band 1.895lsb +- 20.00hrs

25/6 GB3EA 20.00hrs

27/6 Phoenix dmr tg840/dmr+4440 20.00hrs

28/6. 160m Top Band 1.895lsb+- 20.00

Any ideas for topics welcome, please either ask here or ask me (2e0DIQ Andy) at the beginning of the nets. Remember, the nets are YOUR nets.